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Angle - By the piece or by the bundle.
Cable & Fittings - Reels, Thimbles, Clips, Sleeves
Commercial Operators - Manaras Operators
Drums - Regular Lift, High Lift, Vertical Lift
Fasteners - Hex Washers, Nuts, Hooks, Screws, Clips
Hardware - Brackets, Repair Blocks, Exhaust Ports, Locks, Handles
Hinges & Pulleys - 11G, 13G, and 14G, 3” - 5” pulleys
Lubricant - PCS 500 Penetrating & PCS 1000 Multi-Purpose
Rollers, Bearings & Bumpers - Track Rollers, Bearing & Anchor Plates, Bumpers
Shaft, Vertical Track - Solid, Tubular, Raw Vertical Track
Tools - Swaggers, Cutters, Counter Balance Arm
Torsion Spring Engineering - Expert Engineering at your fingertips
Weatherseal / Retainers

Our Partners

Distributor of Manaras Commercial Operators Alto Garage Door Manufacturing